Streets for People

Inner city streets get hammered by cars, often driven by people who don’t have good public transport, cycling and walking options. We’ll claim our streets back for pedestrians and cyclists, so residents, visitors and traders can enjoy thriving local streets.

 Our transport planning is broken – the government is pushing through damaging new tollroads that won’t fix congestion, has no plan for cycling or walking and public transport investment is a decade too late. Vicroads has too much power and despite it being a legislative requirement, the state government does not have an intergrated tranport plan that looks at our travel needs along side housing, schools and other vital infrastructure. Bike riders and pedestrians feel unsafe, and some of our key shopping streets are either clogged with traffic or have traffic speeding through.

This is one of the reasons that once-thriving and beautiful streets like Bridge Rd and Victoria streets are struggling and that Queens Parade is under threat. 

We can fix this. If elected, I will:

  • set up a task force for Bridge Rd and Victoria streets that gets the key players around the table and identifies concrete steps and resources to reinvigorate these key streets. We can’t leave this to Yarra council to do this alone.
  • investigate ways to create extended pathways (including by transforming road space into pedestrian space) and make safer bike routes.
  • fight for planning protection for our heritage shopping strips, so they don’t become ugly high rise canyons with traffic rushing through them.

 As well, the Greens will:

  • create a transport ‘Super Agency’ that will be responsible for Victoria’s transport system.
  • overhaul the planning system, so that it delivers for people, not big developers

 More details of our transport and planning commitments here:

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