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We have a plan to put communities first, and create a transport network that all Victorians can rely on, no matter where you live.jmp_2621.JPG

Many parts of Richmond are rich in public transport options but poor management and planning means too often it is overcrowded and unreliable, there are poor links and routes across key parts of the electorate, and the lack of public transport in other suburbs means too many people re forced to drive through the inner city, creating congestion and pollution. 

Our plan to transform transport in Richmond will:

  • fund high-capacity, accessible trams and stops, with better separation from general traffic, priorities at traffic signals and real-time information on the 11,86 and 109 routes.
  • create a new inner orbital line with electrical buses by combining routes 246, 472, & 504 to connect Elsternwick, Richmond, Collingwood, Clifton Hill, Brunswick, Footscray, and Williamstown.
  • extend the route 402 Footscray to East Melbourne via North Melbourne bus to Fitzroy and Richmond and use electrical buses.
  • plan for the Melbourne Metro 2rail project now. Melbourne Metro 2 would create a new underground line from Clifton Hill to Newport and new stations in neighbourhoods with no rail access such as Fitzroy. 
  • plan for the Doncaster rail, and stop the North East tollway that will destroy the possibility of Doncaster rail.deliver ‘turn up and go’ services on all routes of least 10-minute services for trams and trains from 6am – 9pm, 7 days a week, as well as increase peak services on our most overcrowded routes.

See our full Victorian transport plan here

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