Public housing

jmp_6704.JPGToo often I hear about problems caused by overcrowding, dwellings falling into disrepair and residents feeling unsafe. Instead of addressing your concerns, the government continues to take residents of public housing for granted. I believe public housing residents deserve better.

The Greens will

  • Build 40 000 new public housing dwellings in the next 6 years
  • Stop the sell-offs of public housing land
  • Require a minimum of 30% public or affordable housing in all new large scale housing developments

Maintenance takes too long and the end result is often poor quality. I will cut maintenance waitlist and ensure the job is done right.

Waitlists for public housing are too long. I will slash the length of public housing waiting lists and make it easier for residents to relocate.

Too many residents of public housing feel unsafe. Safety in your own home is a right. Solutions to safety issues must be driven by the community. I will work with public housing communities to address safety concerns.

Community investment is vital to happy and healthy public housing estates. I will reinstate funding for public housing residents' associations and ensure funds are put into building strong communities.

jmp_6425.JPGOn the Richmond Estate:

Refurbish the Richmond Housing estate

The Greens will fight for the Richmond Housing estate to be refurbished and bought into line with other public housing in the inner city.

A purpose built youth space

We’ve heard the call from the community that you need a purpose-built youth space at Richmond. We will build this facility and fund staff and programs to provide a vibrant space for community led youth activities.

Join other supporters in taking action

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