Keeping Melbourne liveable

The city we love is at its best when we all know we belong. Right now, though, housing costs are prohibitive, public transport is unreliable and crowded, powerful developers are distorting our neighbourhoods and public housing is under threat. The Andrews is letting powerful companies like Transurban dictate transport policy, while Victorians foot the bill. The Greens will champion large-scale housing programs and policies that prioritise secure, affordable homes over landlord profits. We’ll introduce minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties and make sure your landlord can’t kick you out for no reason. We will oppose Labor’s plan to sell 80 per cent of our public housing land to private developers. We will invest in more trams, to ease overcrowding, intall high-speed signalling so we can run more trains more often, develop a bike plan with dollars attached, and install local electric vehicle charging stations.

Rivers and creeks and green spaces

Our rivers, creeks and green spaces are our city’s life blood and lungs, but are neglected by government and struggle to thrive. We’ll aim to make the Yarra swimmable and support the return of more wildlife to the Merri Creek.

Creative space

Melbourne’s artists make this a great city to live in. But artists struggle to find places to live, create, to share their art.

Join other supporters in taking action

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