Gasworks: Our Plan


The Gasworks site is 4 hectares of public land, in the heart of North Fitzroy. Richard Wynne wants to sell most of it off to private developers for high cost, low quality apartments.

We have a plan to keep this site in public hands, so we can build 100% affordable housing with plenty of open space. We’ll use the site to demonstrate the very best in beautiful, sustainable, secure housing that you can live in on an ordinary wage. Homes will be 8 star rated, so they’ll be cheap to run and environmentally low impact.

We’ll mix the housing up, with public housing, community housing and affordable housing, and we’ll prioritise local residents, key workers including nurses, teachers and artists, and people experiencing homelessness. Homes will be a decent size, and there will be 3 and 4 bedroom homes, not just small apartments.

Each building block in the precinct will trial a different approach to affordable housing (in addition to providing 20% public housing) – such as shared ownership for purchase, shared ownership for rent, cooperative rental and social housing – allowing a wide range of people to make the site their home. We will prioritise local residents, key workers including teachers, nurses and artists, and homeless people. We’ll trial innovative artists residencies where artists can live free for a year, and help activate the area.

We’ll put the open space allocation up from the government’s inadequate 8% to 10 square meters per person, and make sure 50% of roof space has a roof garden or solar panels.

We support the current proposal for sports courts, a school and child care, but will cut back the 4,500 square meters commercial and retail spaces, so we can have more open space, and more room for community organisations and artists. That way groups like the Collingwood Toy Library could expand, and serve more families.

Privatisation delivers a quick cash hit, but gives away precious land for little real return. By keeping the Gasworks site in public hands, we can demonstrate what great development looks like, help more people on ordinary wages keep living in this beautiful area, build a home for our fabulous community groups and provide green space for the neighbourhood.

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