jmp_2449.JPGWe have a plan to make cycling in Richmond safe and better. 

Cycling is one of the most popular forms of transport and exercise in Richmond, but because of the state government's lack of investment in cycling, there are too many bike paths that disappear and too many streets that people don't feel safe enough to ride on. Our plan will connect people to the river, through our suburbs and from home to the train. This would mean fewer cars coming through our streets. 

We are pledging to deliver: 

  • the Walmer St bridge across the Yarra, through $7.5m funding
  • a cycle-friendly solution to the Gipps St steps, that respects local residents' amenity - Richard Wynne has promised the Gipps Street steps upgrade two elections running. We'll make sure that commitment is finally delivered on, so people don't have to carry their bikes - and kids' pushers - up and down the steps.
  • a new Gipps St cycle route from the Yarra to Wellington St
  • a new South Richmond to Burnley rail corridor route
  • a new Box Hill to CBD cycle route
  • the Rushall Reserve cycle route
As well, our state-wide cycling plan will deliver a metropolitan bicycle route, introduce the 1 meter buffer between cyclists and cars, and promote regional cycling tourism. More details here.

Join other supporters in taking action

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