Clean economy

A clean, fair economy is a powerful engine for a better life and a better state. But too often, our leaders act as if a dirty unfair economy, where people and the environment are raw materials for the benefit of the powerful few, is inevitable.

We can change that. As groundbreaking economist Kate Raworth puts it, ‘Humanity’s 21st century challenge is to meet the needs of all within the means of the planet’. This is the raison d’être of the Greens, at the heart of our social, environmental and economic policies.

Renewable energy and replacing dirty coal

We plan to create Victoria’s clean economy, with at least 90% renewable by 2030. The Greens continue to stand up with communities fighting against new and expanded coal mines. The Greens will keep fighting for a fair and just transition beyond coal, supporting communities through the retirement of coal plants. We will oppose the Victorian Labor Government’s ‘open for business’ policy on coal. We will guarantee people with solar panels are paid a fair price for the energy they feed back into the grid. We will take action on the climate change emergency with a Solar Bank to make renewable energy and storage more affordable locally and invest in large-scale energy efficiency.


We need to invest in the economy of the future to create jobs that will last. We’ve helped create and secure long-term manufacturing jobs by supporting investment in clean industries building trams, trains and wind turnbines here in Victoria. Australia depends on innovation and research, and here in Melbourne we have some of the best researchers in the world. But the old parties repeatedly threaten funds when setting budgets. This is short-sighted. Research needs secure, long-term public support to create jobs now and into the future.

We also support better wages and more jobs for carers, teachers, health professionals and environmental protectors. Investing in fairness will strengthen our economy, improve our health and wellbeing. We support investment in clean agriculture and regulation that protects organic businesses against competition with dirty large-scale corporations.

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