Bush kinda

Wild spaces for urban kids

Can you remember that feeling of adventure and freedom when playing and exploring the bush as children? We can, and we want urban children to have a similar experience every week.


The Greens want to bring the joy and benefits of being in the bush to urban kids in kindergartens.

We understand that urban parents have a yearning for their children to develop a greater connection with our natural environment and experience the joy of being in the wilderness.

We are concerned by the increasing lack of opportunities for children living in the city to participate in child-led play in the bush.

Research shows outdoor learning helps grow problem solving, grit, emotional intelligence and educational outcomes. Skills we know that children will need more of in the coming decades. Play time in the natural environment gives children the opportunity to build their confidence, creativity, imagination and communications skills without the usual distractions of an indoor environment.

The popularity and over subscription of existing bush kinder programs mirrors the mounting body of evidence that outdoor activities such as exploring natural environments, are beneficial to children and contribute to improving children’s health and wellbeing.

There is a demand and a need for bush kinder programs and we want to help parents and kindergarten services provide these opportunities for their children.

  • We are committing $1 million over 2 years to urban kindergartens and childcare centers to extend their regular kindergarten programs to include bush kinder.
  • The funding would be delivered as grants to cover the costs of scoping a site, training educators and meeting government requirements for bush kinder

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